Unhappily Married

Getting out of a bad marriage requires careful thought and pre-planning. This is a sensitive area and requires a different approach since marriage vows are to be taken seriously and not quickly abandoned unless you or your children’s lives are in danger. It is also a Single Stage that I have been in myself

How this page and my Newsletter Series can help your marriage or help you decide to leave:

Perhaps you are in a marriage gone wrong, chose the wrong partner, are being cheated on, emotionally or physically abused, or are not feeling loved or respected by your spouse. This category will help you to:

A. Improve yourself to become a better you. When you begin to love yourself and know your value things can change dramatically in your life.

    Your spouse may love the new you and begin to treat you how you deserve to be treated.
    Your spouse may become insecure and question why you are making these sudden changes in your personality, habits, social circles, etc. This can be dangerous if you are the victim of emotional or physical abuse or are married to an insecure man.

B. Offer insight on areas of your marriage that can be improved and how.

C. Show you if the grass is greener as a single woman or with a new man.

This page will be updated with more information soon… Last Updated 1/115/13 at 1:11 AM EDT.


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