Single Status

List of PAGES based on your current Single Status:

Single: You are not in a committed relationship but may be sexually active with someone.
Divorced: You are no longer married and are dating or ready to begin dating again.
Widowed: Your husband has passed on and is no longer with you and you are ready to try love and/or marriage again. You may still love and miss your spouse or may not care so much that they are not alive due to the relationship you had.

Celibate: You are not sexually active although you may participate in self-pleasure and date.
Mistress/Side-Chic: You either feel that you are not deserving of a committed relationship, will settle for what you can get, like the competition of trying to win the object of your affection from his lady, or suspect you may be a Mistress/Side-Chic.
Unhappily Married: You are still legally married and may be separated. Things are not the way you expected in your marriage or you have been mistreated and you either want to fix things or exit the marriage.


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