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5 Keys to Finding and Keeping Love In Your Life

There are plenty of ways to find love and keep it growing strong. I have listed five from my full list of Keys to get started. These Keys will be elaborated on in separate articles as well as in Newsletters from Penzi.

  1. Heal from the hurt and disappointment of a breakup, a divorce. or death of a boyfriend, fiance, or spouse. Many times we carry baggage in many forms including grief or anger which should be resolved within yourself to keep from dragging it into your new relationship.Keys to Finding Love for Black Women
  2. Be the best you that you can be. {Read2013 Single Ladies Overview}
  3. Stop seeking outside validation from others. What do you think of yourself, your potential and the life you live? Are you truly happy with yourself both inside and out and confident that you will attract a great man just the way you are? If so, fantastic! If not, than it is time to work on the new and improved you.
  4. Don’t be your own worst enemy. That includes sabotaging a relationship that is going along well by being insecure, boring, complacent, or telling yourself negative things. {ReadAre You Your Own Worst Enemy}
  5. Surround yourself with positive people who are not toxic and draining to your health.

Visit the Keys to Lasting Love page for the full post.

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Single Black Female- The Epidemic

The Epidemic of the SBF {single black female}. Find out what Nubian Sisters on WordPress has to say.

Nubian Sisters

Single Black Woman

Many women will read the title of this post and be nodding their heads vigorously as I broach the topic of the Single Black Female (SBF) epidemic.

Momentous occasions like Christmas and family celebrations are often times that reignite these discussion over and over again as the realisation of being single for a subsequent year can really start to wear thin as increasing number of black women automatically join up unwillingly to the SBF mailing list.

I am writing this blog as a black woman who fortunately is in a wonderful prosperous relationship with my Nubian Prince (Amen!). But for some reason, I have so many SBF friends. Why is this? This question has probably got to be on every SBF’s lips. Women who have had these countless conversations know that they do not always end nicely as the debate often gets heated with the myriad of opinions which can…

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How to Subscribe to WordPress Categories and Topics

WordPress allows for specific categories or archived items to be subscribe to via RSS. This is fantastic for readers wishing to subscribe to content they prefer, get updates in one place, and keeps subscribers informed.

  1. Click on the Category/Topic link of your choice.

    How to subscribe to archives and category RSS
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  2. Click on the Category/Topic that you would like to subscribe to in your Reader.
  3. Click the RSS for This Section link {where available- see 3-1.}. A new window will open with a the raw RSS displayed.
    • 3-1.  If the Rss for This Section isn’t available add the following to the end of your WordPress blog URL and replace the tag with the available tag {in this example the tag is keys} on your blog: /tag/keys/feed/. This is the direct link to the feed RSS:
  4. Copy and Paste the link or URL from your browser window.
  5. Open a new window and go to the website of your favorite Reader like Google ReaderGoogle Reader How-To
  6. Subscribe to the URL by subscribing to a new feed or by following the instructions for the Reader that you use.
  7. Add your new subscription to a folder that will let you know where to find what you are looking for. This will be helpful if you subscribe to many feeds or once the list grows.
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Your reader will automatically update itself whenever new posts are added to the category that you have subscribed to so that you can read it whenever you are ready, share it, etc. Although I appreciate and look forward to your visits, this will make it easier to check for new posts within your the topics of interests.

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Quick post via Nook

Stop telling yourself things like:

    I am not good enough or pretty enough.
    I will never find love or get married.
    There are no good men left.
    I am not smart enough or feel worthy in the presence of wealthy, educated, or refined people.
    I will never succeed on my own as a single woman or in starting my own business.

Changing your thought patterns and appreciating all the great qualities about yourself makes you feel better which in turn reflects from within. That confidence and glow is what will attract a potential mate. Need proof? Have you ever seen a couple that you thought was a total miss-match because one of the two were far more attractive than the other in your eyes? It must be something so radiant, attractive, and loving about them that it proves that not only is “beauty in the eye of the beholder”, but confidence means a lot. Also, changing the things about yourself that do not make you feel confident is key.

We all suffer at times from negative thoughts about ourselves. Power is given through self-improvement and reducing toxic thought patterns. Let ‘ s all challenge ourselves to stop being our own worst enemy and biggest critic. Encourage your sistahs, daughters, and female friends with words of live, support, and compliments to show that you think they are awesome too.

~xoxo Penzi Continue reading “Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?”

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