Contribute to the Single Black Woman’s Guide to Dating on WordPress.

  • Have a story to share?
  • Want to prevent a Sistah from experiencing what you have?
  • Are you educated or have a career in any of the related topics and would like to volunteer your time and share your expertise?

Why join?

  1. A Sistah blog visitors will benefit from your knowledge and wisdom.
  2. Extra exposure for your website, blog, or business.
  3. Own a business and want to target leads with give-a-ways and discounts on related services. Example: You are also a hairstylist and would like to offer a coupon to members to get their hair done at a discounted rate or you are a Love, Marriage, or Relationship professional who would like to offer free or reduced priced consultations or assistance to those in need.
  4. Get listed on the Contributors page by area of expertise.
  5. Have your royalty free content included in Penzi’s newsletters, blogs, guides, and books.

What you need to do to get started:

      √ Spare time to read visitor comments and reply to them.
      √ An email address.
      √ A desire to help and not criticize.

Upon approval, you will be emailed a password to pages accessible only by Contributors.

Community Rules & Policies


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Subscribe to Contributor Newsletters


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