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“The Sole Purpose of Dating” by Ask Chey B

Being single has its perks! You get to come and go as you please, you don’t have to answer to anyone, there are no set rules that you have to abide by… you just feel like you have total freedom!!! This is great until you want “romance” in your life. Sure, there are people you can call on to have a drink with, hang out with, or even sleep with from time to time, but that’s only if/when they’re available. The lack of consistency in your love life is one of the biggest drawbacks of being single. So in order to gain consistency and longevity in your love life with someone of substance, you may be required to commit yourself to being with that person, and the best way to figure out who will fit that mold is by dating them.

Now before you can even think about going…

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This is a great post on Community Rules for comments.

IntenseDebate - Official Blog

In the past, we’ve used this blog to post news and updates about our commenting software. We hope IntenseDebate has improved your overall experience on different sites — including your own.

This time around we thought it’d be helpful to offer tips on commenting in general. What’s the point of setting up and using IntenseDebate’s features if you make comments in the blogosphere but no one engages with you? We’re all for an intense debate, but your comments must always help to generate a lively, healthy, and constructive discussion.

Here are some tips on how to be a more thoughtful and effective commenter:

  • Read entire posts and responses. With IntenseDebate, you can respond to and moderate comments on-the-go with the help of email notifications and the handy reply-by-email feature. But be careful, as other commenters can tell if your comment is made in haste. Always read a post in its entirety…

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