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Get Rid of Addiction to Your Ex {Infographic}

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  • Keys to Finding and Keeping Love
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  • Goals to set for yourself to improve your self-worth, value, education, and/or experience. Learn how to earn additional income from home or start your own business.

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Surveys and polls will be utilized to determine results from the Newsletter Campaigns, feedback received, comments made, Testimonials given, etc. Data and next or final steps will be determined based on the following:

    1. Whether advice, tips, or suggestions were effective in your life or someone that you shared the information with.
    2. If you are in need of more Rx for the same topics subscribed to or whether you would like to begin subscribing to another.
    3. If you have gone on more or less dates based on changes made. How many you have gone on and whether you have begun dating someone outside of your usual preference {ex: Was he more caring, honest, goal-oriented, a different race, nationality, culture or class}.  Women with Celibate, Divorced, or Widowed Single Statuses results may differ and require a more unique subscription.
    4. Whether you have become engaged or gotten married.
    5. If anyone has noticed a better you.
    6. If you have broken up with someone who you found wasn’t worthy, divorced, or become celibate.
    7. An optional brief listing of changes made, goals achieved, career changes or advancements, if you have begun or finished earning a GED, Certificate, or Degree, and continued your education.

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 ♥ Couples Newsletters filled with Erotic African-American Fiction, Tips, Links to Lingerie, Adult Toys, events in your area, etc.
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