Is Seeking Approval The Reason You Are Single? (Posts by Sistahs Guide)

Seek No Approval

Have you ever dated someone and felt the need to impress them or be everything they want you to be in hopes of keeping them around? If so, you are like many other women who often lose themselves in the process of living up to a man’s expectations that don’t resonate with your true self. When you are authentically yourself you don’t have to exert the excessive energy needed to live up to another’s expectations. Life is simply easier when you feel completely free and comfortable in your own skin. It just so happens that an “easy-going personality” is highly attractive to some men.

How To Discard of Attention Seeking Behaviors and Simultaneously Discover Yourself & Passions

Here are two (2) helpful personal assignments to do when you have the extra time to invest to help you learn more about yourself so that you can begin living life as non-conforming as possible… (Read More)

Source: Is Seeking Approval The Reason You Are Single?

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