How to Subscribe to WordPress Categories and Topics

WordPress allows for specific categories or archived items to be subscribe to via RSS. This is fantastic for readers wishing to subscribe to content they prefer, get updates in one place, and keeps subscribers informed.

  1. Click on the Category/Topic link of your choice.

    How to subscribe to archives and category RSS
    Click Image for Full Size
  2. Click on the Category/Topic that you would like to subscribe to in your Reader.
  3. Click the RSS for This Section link {where available- see 3-1.}. A new window will open with a the raw RSS displayed.
    • 3-1.  If the Rss for This Section isn’t available add the following to the end of your WordPress blog URL and replace the tag with the available tag {in this example the tag is keys} on your blog: /tag/keys/feed/. This is the direct link to the feed RSS:
  4. Copy and Paste the link or URL from your browser window.
  5. Open a new window and go to the website of your favorite Reader like Google ReaderGoogle Reader How-To
  6. Subscribe to the URL by subscribing to a new feed or by following the instructions for the Reader that you use.
  7. Add your new subscription to a folder that will let you know where to find what you are looking for. This will be helpful if you subscribe to many feeds or once the list grows.
Image representing Google Reader as depicted i...
Image via CrunchBase

Your reader will automatically update itself whenever new posts are added to the category that you have subscribed to so that you can read it whenever you are ready, share it, etc. Although I appreciate and look forward to your visits, this will make it easier to check for new posts within your the topics of interests.

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