Single Black Female- The Epidemic

The Epidemic of the SBF {single black female}. Find out what Nubian Sisters on WordPress has to say.

Nubian Sisters

Single Black Woman

Many women will read the title of this post and be nodding their heads vigorously as I broach the topic of the Single Black Female (SBF) epidemic.

Momentous occasions like Christmas and family celebrations are often times that reignite these discussion over and over again as the realisation of being single for a subsequent year can really start to wear thin as increasing number of black women automatically join up unwillingly to the SBF mailing list.

I am writing this blog as a black woman who fortunately is in a wonderful prosperous relationship with my Nubian Prince (Amen!). But for some reason, I have so many SBF friends. Why is this? This question has probably got to be on every SBF’s lips. Women who have had these countless conversations know that they do not always end nicely as the debate often gets heated with the myriad of opinions which can…

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